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Worksheet for Reading Latin 1B
John Porter, University of Saskatchewan

Give the appropriate form.

  1. many dangers (nom.)

  2. no house (acc.)

  3. many old men (dat.)

  4. much treasure (gen.)

  5. no gods (nom.)

  6. much respect (acc.)

  7. much talent (nom.)

  8. no thieves (gen.)

  9. no house (gen.)

  10. house full of treasure (abl.)

  11. respect (dat.)

  12. gods (abl.)

  13. cook! (voc.)

  14. garland (dat.)

  15. temple (abl.)

Give the appropriate form.

  1. they give

  2. we make prayers (to)

  3. you (pl.) see

  4. she dwells

  5. I explain

  6. you (sg.) are

  7. there are

  8. does she possess?

  9. you (pl.) care for

  10. they call

Translate into idiomatic Latin.

  1. The gods give many worries to old men.

  2. Are you (pl.) giving the gold to Euclio's daughter, Phaedra?

  3. Many dreams are full of worries.

  4. Under the house is much gold.

  5. The thieves secretly make prayers to the gods.

  6. You (sg.) care for no god, no househould, no old man.

  7. You (pl.) are entering into the house.

  8. There are many worries among ("in") the slaves, none among the gods.

  9. At length we give ointment and respect to the old man.

  10. Do the old men and the cooks hide the dangers?

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