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Key to Worksheet for Reading Latin 1C
John Porter, University of Saskatchewan


  1. possideo (3rd pl. ind.)
    possident ("they have")

  2. sto (1st pl. ind.)
    stamus ("we stand")

  3. maneo (2nd sg. imp.)
    mane ("remain!", "stay!")

  4. eo (3rd sg. ind.)
    it ("he/she/it goes")

  5. servo (2nd pl. ind.)
    servatis ("you save/keep")

  6. rogo (2nd pl. imp.)
    rogate ("ask!")

  7. sum (2nd pl. ind.)
    estis ("you are")

  8. eo (1st pl. ind.)
    imus ("we are going")

  9. moneo (2nd pl. imp.)
    monete ("advise!", "warn!")

  10. sum (2nd sg. ind.)
    es ("you are")

  11. eo (2nd sg. imp.)
    i ("go!")

  12. vexo (2nd sg. ind.)
    vexas ("you annoy/trouble")

  13. taceo (1st pl. ind.)
    tacemus ("we are silent")

  14. eo (3rd pl. ind.)
    eunt ("they go")

  15. cogito (2nd sg. imp.)
    cogita ("ponder!", "think!")


  1. periculum (acc. sg.)
    periculum ("danger")

  2. oculus (dat. pl.)
    oculis ("eyes")

  3. aedis (acc. pl.)
    aedis ("house")

  4. aqua (gen. pl.)
    aquarum ("waters")

  5. tu (acc. sg.)
    te ("you")

  6. senex (gen. pl.)
    senum ("old men")

  7. familia (dat. sg.)
    familiae ("household")

  8. Lar (gen. sg.)
    Laris ("Lar", "household divinity")

  9. ingenium (nom. pl.)
    ingenia ("talents")

  10. deus (dat. pl.)
    dis ("gods")

  11. aedis (abl. pl.)
    aedibus ("house")

  12. ego (abl. sg.)
    me ("I", "me")

  13. ignis (acc. sg.)
    ignem ("fire")

  14. tu (gen. sg.)
    tui ("you")

  15. honor (abl. sg.)
    honore ("respect")

  16. vicinus (dat. sg.)
    vicino ("neighbor")

  17. tu (dat. sg.)
    tibi ("you")

  18. exitium (gen. sg.)
    exitii ("death", "destruction")

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