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Key to Worksheet for Reading Latin 1D/E
John Porter, University of Saskatchewan


  1. What old men are you (pl.) capturing?
    quos senes capitis? [interrogative adjective]

  2. Who is making you (sg.) wretched?
    quis te miserum/miseram facit? [interrogative pronoun]

  3. To whom are you (sg.) giving the knife?
    cui cultrum das? [interrogative pronoun]

  4. What name do you (pl.) want?
    quod nomen vultis? [interrogative adjective]

  5. We want much treasure.
    multum thesaurum volumus.

  6. Go (pl.) away into the house!
    abite in aedis.

  7. Whose wife is shouting?
    cuius uxor clamat? [interrogative pronoun]

  8. What thieves are leading the rich man home?
    qui fures divitem domum ducunt? [interrogative adjective]

  9. What do you (pl.) command?
    quid iubetis? [interrogative pronoun]

  10. Are they remaining home?
    manentne domi?

  11. Do you (pl.) hear the poor (i.e., not wealthy) men?
    pauperesne auditis?

  12. To what gods does she pray?
    quibus dis supplicat? [interrogative adjective]

  13. Whom do I see?
    quem video? [interrogative pronoun]

  14. Do the wives of old men care for wretched slaves?
    servosne miseros uxores senum curant?

  15. I do not fear you (sg.), nor you me.
    ego te non timeo, neque tu me.

  16. As the poor love the wicked, so are they wretched.
    ut pauperes [viri] malos amant, ita miseri sunt.
    • N.B. The inclusion of viri helps to avoid ambiguity re the case of pauperes, but it is not necessary.

  17. Are the pots full of ointment?
    plenaene unguenti aulae sunt?

  18. You (sg.) are bringing fire, they are bringing water.
    tu ignem fers, *illi* aquam ferunt.
    • N.B. You have yet to learn the term in asterisks. It is not necessary to the basic sense of the sentence, but helps to establish the implied contrast.

  19. Do you (sg.) want many names?
    multane nomina vis?

  20. My sisters are flogging your (sg.) brothers.
    sorores meae fratres tuos verberant.


  1. what dangers? (nom.)
    quae pericula

  2. which knife? (acc.)
    quem cultrum

  3. whose treasure? (nom.)
    cuius thesaurus

  4. what girls? (nom.)
    quae puellae

  5. what old man? (dat.)
    cui seni

  6. whom? (dat.)

  7. what water? (abl.)
    qua aqua

  8. which sisters? (gen.)
    quarum sororum

  9. what Lares? (dat.)
    quibus Laribus

  10. whom? (acc.)

  11. what eye? (nom.)
    qui oculus

  12. which garland? (acc.)
    quam coronam

  13. what gold? (nom.)
    quod aurum

  14. what rich man? (abl.)
    quo divite

  15. what talents/abilities? (abl.)
    quibus ingeniis

  16. what name? (gen.)
    cuius nominis

  17. me (dat.)

  18. you (gen. sg.)

  19. me (abl.)

  20. you (dat. sg.)

  21. you (acc. sg.)

  22. into the water
    in aquam

  23. under the pot
    sub aula

  24. toward the cooks
    ad coquos

  25. out of the fire
    ex igne

  26. in the name
    in nomine

  27. onto the knife
    in cultrum

  28. at home (do not use aedes)

  29. beautiful girls (dat.)
    puellis pulchris

  30. wretched boys (gen.)
    puerorum miserorum

  31. evil gods (dat.)
    dis malis

  32. poor (i.e., not wealthy) husband (dat.)
    viro pauperi

  33. beautiful sister (abl.)
    sorore pulchra

  34. they capture

  35. we wish

  36. he bears

  37. go! (sg.)

  38. she makes

  39. you (sg.) wish

  40. capture! (sg.)

  41. be safe! (pl. fem.)
    salvae este!

  42. you (pl.) make

  43. we bear

  44. I capture

  45. she wishes

  46. you (sg.) capture

  47. speak! (sg.)

  48. they bear

  49. we make

  50. you (pl.) wish

  51. carry! (pl.)

  52. be bad! (sg. masc.)
    malus es!

  53. enough names
    satis nominum

  54. too much ointment
    nimis unguenti

  55. no house (gen.)
    nullarum aedium

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