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Worksheet for Reading Latin 1D/E
John Porter, University of Saskatchewan


Translate into idiomatic Latin.
Where appropriate, indicate whether the sentence employs the interrogative pronoun or the interrogative adjective.

  1. What old men are you (pl.) capturing?

  2. Who is making you (sg.) wretched?

  3. To whom are you (sg.) giving the knife?

  4. What name do you (pl.) want?

  5. We want much treasure.

  6. Go (pl.) away into the house!

  7. Whose wife is shouting?

  8. What thieves are leading the rich man home?

  9. What do you (pl.) command?

  10. Are they remaining home?

  11. Do you (pl.) hear the poor (i.e., not wealthy) men?

  12. To what gods does she pray?

  13. Whom do I see?

  14. Do the wives of old men care for wretched slaves?

  15. I do not fear you (sg.), nor you me.

  16. As the poor love the wicked, so are they wretched.

  17. Are the pots full of ointment?

  18. You (sg.) are bringing fire, they are bringing water. (do not use porto)

  19. Do you (sg.) want many names?

  20. My sisters are flogging your (sg.) brothers.


Give the appropriate forms.

  1. what dangers? (nom.)

  2. which knife? (acc.)

  3. whose treasure? (nom.)

  4. what girls? (nom.)

  5. what old man? (dat.)

  6. whom? (dat.)

  7. what water? (abl.)

  8. which sisters? (gen.)

  9. what Lares? (dat.)

  10. whom? (acc.)

  11. what eye? (nom.)

  12. which garland? (acc.)

  13. what gold? (nom.)

  14. what rich man? (abl.)

  15. what talents/abilities? (abl.)

  16. what name? (gen.)

  17. me (dat.)

  18. you (gen. sg.)

  19. me (abl.)

  20. you (dat. sg.)

  21. you (acc. sg.)

  22. into the water

  23. under the pot

  24. toward the cooks

  25. out of the fire

  26. in the name

  27. onto the knife

  28. at home (do not use aedes)

  29. beautiful girls (dat.)

  30. wretched boys (gen.)

  31. evil gods (dat.)

  32. poor (i.e., not wealthy) husband (dat.)

  33. beautiful sister (abl.)

  34. they capture

  35. we wish

  36. he bears (do not use porto)

  37. go! (sg.)

  38. she makes

  39. you (sg.) wish

  40. capture! (sg.)

  41. be safe! (pl. fem.)

  42. you (pl.) make

  43. we bear (do not use porto)

  44. I capture

  45. she wishes

  46. you (sg.) capture

  47. speak! (sg.)

  48. they bear (do not use porto)

  49. we make

  50. you (pl.) wish

  51. carry! (pl. — do not use porto)

  52. be bad! (sg. masc.)

  53. enough names

  54. too much ointment

  55. no house (gen.)

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