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Key to Worksheet for Reading Latin 1D
The Interrogative Pronoun and Adjective
John Porter, University of Saskatchewan

  1. Whose brother is that?
    cuius frater   [interrogative pronoun]

  2. Whom do you love?
    quem   [interrogative pronoun]

  3. What men do you see?
    quos viros   [interrogative adjective]

  4. To whom did you give the book?
    cui   [interrogative pronoun]

  5. What money is in the pot?
    quae pecunia   [interrogative adjective]

  6. Toward what house did he go?
    ad quas aedis   [interrogative adjective]

  7. To what slave girls did he give it?
    quibus servis   [interrogative adjective]

  8. What dangers do you anticipate?
    quae pericula   [interrogative adjective]

  9. Who did this?
    quis   [interrogative pronoun]

  10. Whose eyes smote him?
    cuius oculi   [interrogative pronoun]

  11. What gods did you pray [supplico] to?
    quibus dis   [interrogative adjective]

  12. To what fire was this added?
    cui igni   [interrogative adjective]

  13. What just fell on me?
    quid   [interrogative pronoun]

  14. Of what ointment is this made?
    cuius unguenti   [interrogative adjective]

  15. With what fire was he burned?   [abl.]
    quo igne   [interrogative adjective]

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