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Worksheet for Reading Latin 1D
The Interrogative Pronoun and Adjective
John Porter, University of Saskatchewan

Translate the underlined words or phrases into Latin, using the construction of the English sentence as a key to the relevant case(s).

  1. Whose brother is that?

  2. Whom do you love?

  3. What men do you see?

  4. To whom did you give the book?

  5. What money is in the pot?

  6. Toward what house did he go?

  7. To what slave girls did he give it?

  8. What dangers do you anticipate?

  9. Who did this?

  10. Whose eyes smote him?

  11. What gods did you pray [supplico] to?

  12. To what fire was this added?

  13. What just fell on me?

  14. Of what ointment is this made?

  15. With what fire was he burned?   [abl.]

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