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Worksheet for Reading Latin 1D
John Porter, University of Saskatchewan


Translate into idiomatic Latin.
Where appropriate, indicate whether the sentence employs the interrogative pronoun or the interrogative adjective.

  1. Whom do we consider very good? [Assume the masculine as the default.]

  2. What old man do we consider very good?

  3. Whose sister is Euclio marrying?

  4. To what wives are you (pl.) giving the money?

  5. To whom are you (pl.) giving the money?

  6. What are you (pl.) saying?

  7. What danger do the rich men see?

  8. In what house does the poor man live? ["poor" = "not wealthy"]

  9. Many boys do not have enough money.

  10. What ointments is he carrying home?

  11. What old man does not have many worries at home?

  12. Who does not love Euclio?

  13. As you have too much gold, so I have too much treasure.

  14. To whom are they praying?

  15. To what god are they praying?

  16. I care for the wretched thief, but I love Euclio's beautiful daughter.

  17. The boy fears the man, and the man the boy.

  18. Which knives do you (sg.) fear?

  19. Marry (sg.) the rich man's daughter!

  20. They are going away from home and returning toward their master.

  21. Do you (sg.) consider me rich?

  22. Hide (pl.) the fire and the water!

  23. Do beautiful wives love poor men? [our sexist sentence of the day, but I want you to use the adjectives!]


Translate into idiomatic Latin.

  1. listen! (pl.)

  2. you (pl.) go out (of)

  3. we lead

  4. beautiful names (dat.)

  5. the evil brother (abl.)

  6. speak! (sg.)

  7. they warn

  8. you (sg.) enter (into)

  9. beat! / flog! (pl.)

  10. no neighbors (gen.)

  11. they hear

  12. the very good father (gen.)

  13. we go

  14. you (pl.) lead

  15. the beautiful house (gen.)

  16. the unhappy girl (dat.)

  17. O my father! (voc.)

  18. you (sg.) hear

  19. your (sg.) sisters (gen.)

  20. they say

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