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Worksheet for Reading Latin 1F
John Porter, University of Saskatchewan


Give the appropriate forms.

  1. to send

  2. bold thieves (gen.)

  3. us (abl.)

  4. to demand

  5. all the dowry (abl.)

  6. to be going

  7. of you (as in "three of you")

  8. to carry (2 versions)

  9. bold plans (acc.)

  10. to ask

  11. us (acc.)

  12. to be finding

  13. all the ointment (nom.)

  14. to order

  15. you (abl. pl.)

  16. to be

  17. gloomy marriage rites (dat.)

  18. of us (as in "fear of us")

  19. to know

  20. the gloomy sister (dat.)

  21. to wish

  22. the bold daughter (dat.)

  23. to be silent

  24. all the names (gen.)

  25. to be making


Translate into idiomatic Latin.

  1. Do they wish to marry you (pl.)?

  2. It is easy to hear the huge crowds.

  3. Whose dinner does he wish to take away?

  4. Flee (sg.) the eyes of all the citizens!

  5. Do you (pl.) wish to lose the dour old man's money?

  6. It is not easy to capture all the citizens.

  7. We do not wish to mock you (pl.).

  8. We fear no bold thieves at our house. [Do not use aedes or domi.]

  9. Do you (sg.) wish to sleep or to cook a large dinner?

  10. Pray (pl.) to all the gods and to us!

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