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Worksheet for Reading Latin 1G
John Porter, University of Saskatchewan


Give the appropriate forms.

  1. utmost virtue (dat.)
    summae virtuti

  2. no fires (dat.)
    nullis ignibus

  3. bold thief (abl.)
    fure audaci

  4. easy deeds (dat.)
    facinoribus facilibus

  5. immense danger (dat.)
    periculo ingenti

  6. rich citizen (abl.)
    civi / cive divite

  7. gloomy dreams (acc.)
    somnia tristia

  8. immense mobs (abl.)
    turbis ingentibus

  9. enough citizens (dat.)
    satis civium

  10. unhappy fellow (dat.)
    homini misero / tristi

  11. what shrine? (dat.)
    cui fano

  12. best wife (dat.)
    uxori optimae

  13. every burden (dat.)
    oneri omni

  14. many dowries (dat.)
    multis dotibus

  15. beautiful sister (dat.)
    sorori pulchrae


Translate into idiomatic Latin.

  1. Do you (pl.) want us to pray to the gods?
    nosne dis supplicare vultis?

  2. You (pl.) do not trust us, because you consider us [to be] women of the utmost boldness (and) no virtue.
    nobis non creditis, quod nos feminas summa audacia, nulla virtute habetis.

  3. Why do you (sg.) demand my money and mock me?
    cur pecuniam meam poscis et me irrides?

  4. Are they taking your dowry from you (sg.)?
    dotemne tuam tibi auferunt?

  5. Whose crimes are making you (pl.) gloomy?
    cuius scelera vos tristis / tristes faciunt?

  6. The old men, because they do not trust the wives of the rich [men], are always poor.
    senes, quod uxoribus divitum non credunt, pauperes semper sunt.

  7. Return (sg.) [our] brothers to us!
    fratres nobis redde!

  8. What business do you (pl.) have in the shrine of the Lar?
    quid vobis negoti in fano Laris [est]?

  9. To what men are they entrusting your (sg.) citizens?
    quibus [viris / hominibus] civis / cives tuos credunt?

  10. Do they want to be young men of no self-control?
    iuvenesne nulla continentia esse volunt?

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