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Worksheet for Reading Latin 1G
John Porter, University of Saskatchewan


Give the appropriate forms.

  1. utmost virtue (dat.)

  2. no fires (dat.)

  3. bold thief (abl.)

  4. easy deeds (dat.)

  5. immense danger (dat.)

  6. rich citizen (abl.)

  7. gloomy dreams (acc.)

  8. immense mobs (abl.)

  9. enough citizens (dat.)

  10. unhappy fellow (dat.)

  11. what shrine? (dat.)

  12. best wife (dat.)

  13. every burden (dat.)

  14. many dowries (dat.)

  15. beautiful sister (dat.)


Translate into idiomatic Latin.

  1. Do you (pl.) want us to pray to the gods?

  2. You (pl.) do not trust us, because you consider us [to be] women of the utmost boldness (and) no virtue.

  3. Why do you (sg.) demand my money and mock me?

  4. Are they taking your dowry from you (sg.)?

  5. Whose crimes are making you (pl.) gloomy?

  6. The old men, because they do not trust the wives of the rich [men], are always poor.

  7. Return (sg.) [our] brothers to us!

  8. What business do you (pl.) have in the shrine of the Lar?

  9. To what men are they entrusting your (sg.) citizens?

  10. Do they want to be young men of no self-control?

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