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Latin 202 Midterm Exam Review

Translate the following into idiomatic Latin.

  1. By punishing the conspirators, Cicero saved the state.

  2. The soldiers were ordered to leave. [Do not use iubeo.]

  3. She said that she [herself] would never be loved. [2 versions]

  4. Don't (sg.) do that! [2 versions]

  5. He was frightening, as you would expect of someone who had killed many men. [terribilis, -e]

  6. The senate will decide to spare the slaves. [Do not use constituo.]

  7. They are afraid that their [i.e., the other peoples'] allies have not been defeated.

  8. If only this were true!

  9. If only this had been true!

  10. All the time we were doing this, the senate was posting guards.

  11. He handed over the hostages to the senate to be killed. [obses, obsidis]

  12. He said that he [himself] had seen the man who killed Caesar.

  13. What are we to do?

  14. We fled before Caesar's troops arrived.

  15. We become wise by reading. [sapiens, -ientis]

  16. The children were spared.

  17. We ought to set out. [Do not use debeo.]

  18. While Cicero was speaking, we left.

  19. No one will be harmed.

  20. We did this in order to learn more easily. [disco (3)]

  21. I would have wished that you (sg.) hadn't done this.

  22. Provided that you (pl.) are brave, we will never be afraid to wage war.

  23. He did this in order to expose the conspirators' plans. [Do not use ut.]

  24. He stated strongly that favor would be shown to the rich. [2 versions]

  25. He was fortunate in regard to his wife and children.

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