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Key to Latin 202 Midterm Exam Review

Translate the following into idiomatic Latin.

  1. By punishing the conspirators, Cicero saved the state. [gerundive: 161]

  2. The soldiers were ordered to leave. [Do not use iubeo.] [impersonal passive: 155]

  3. She said that she [herself] would never be loved. [2 versions] [supine/fore ut: 118.2/149]

  4. Don't (sg.) do that! [2 versions] [nolo/jussive subjunctive: 59/152]

  5. He was frightening, as you would expect of someone who had killed many men. [terribilis, -e] [utpote qui: 166]

  6. The senate will decide to spare the slaves. [Do not use constituo.] [impersonal active: 154]

  7. They are afraid that their [i.e., the other peoples'] allies have not been defeated. [fear clauses: 162]

  8. If only this were true! [optative subjunctive: 153]

  9. If only this had been true! [optative subjunctive: 153]

  10. All the time we were doing this, the senate was posting guards. [dum: 165.1]

  11. He handed over the hostages to the senate to be killed. [obses, obsidis] [gerundive: 161.1]

  12. He said that he [himself] had seen the man who killed Caesar. [subordinate clause in indirect discourse: 142]

  13. What are we to do? [deliberative subjunctive: 152.1]

  14. We fled before Caesar's troops arrived. [antequam/priusquam: 165.3]

  15. We become wise by reading. [sapiens, -ientis] [gerund: 175]

  16. The children were spared. [impersonal passive: 155]

  17. We ought to set out. [Do not use debeo.] [impersonal active: 154 or impersonal passive periphrastic: 161.2 (with 155)]

  18. While Cicero was speaking, we left. [dum: 165.1]

  19. No one will be harmed. [impersonal passive: 155]

  20. We did this in order to learn more easily. [disco (3)] [quo in final clause: 148]

  21. I would have wished that you (sg.) hadn't done this. [potential subjunctive: 153.2]

  22. Provided that you (pl.) are brave, we will never be afraid to wage war. [dummodo: 165.4]

  23. He did this in order to expose the conspirators' plans. [Do not use ut.] [gerundive: 161.3]

  24. He stated strongly that favor would be shown to the rich. [2 versions] [supine/fore ut: 118.2/149 (with 155)]

  25. He was fortunate in regard to his wife and children. [2 versions] [ablative of respect: 147]

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