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Key to Worksheet for Reading Latin 2A


Give the appropriate forms.

  1. two suns   (acc.)
    duos/duo soles

  2. one town   (gen.)
    unius oppidi

  3. four houses   (dat.)   [do not use aedis]
    quattuor domibus

  4. sharp (i.e., keen) citizen   (nom.)
    civis acer (m.) / civis acris (f.)

  5. swift night   (nom.)
    nox celeris

  6. 2000 hands   (dat.)
    duobus milibus manuum

  7. ten towns   (acc.)
    decem oppida

  8. 100 mistresses   (gen.)
    centum amicarum

  9. eight moons   (acc.)
    octo lunas

  10. our hands   (nom.)
    nostrae manus

  11. 3000 styluses   (nom.)
    tria milia stilorum

  12. swift hand   (abl.)
    manu celeri

  13. nine nights   (acc.)
    novem noctes

  14. one mistress   (dat.)
    uni amicae

  15. your (pl.) expenses   (acc.)
    vestros sumptus

  16. 2000 coins   (acc.)
    duo milia nummorum

  17. six houses   (acc.)   [do not use aedis]
    sex domus/domos

  18. 5000 nights   (acc.)
    quinque milia noctium

  19. our house   (dat.)   [do not use aedis]
    nostrae domui/domo

  20. 7000 expenses   (abl.)
    septem milibus sumptuum

  21. sharp (i.e., fierce, angry) mistress   (nom.)
    amica acris

  22. one thousand coins   (acc.)
    mille nummos

  23. one job   (gen.)
    unius officii

  24. your (pl.) house   (nom.)   [do not use aedis]
    vestra domus

  25. two mistresses   (acc.)
    duas amicas

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