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Latin 112: Mock Quiz #2 for Reading Latin 2A

A. Give the Latin for the following.

  1. two hands (gen.)

  2. he will write

  3. she prefers

  4. sharp knife (acc.)

  5. 3000 nights (nom.)

  6. to refuse

  7. you (pl.) will mock

  8. our expenses (acc.)

  9. they will be able

  10. you (pl.) will capture

  11. your (pl.) job/duty (nom.)

  12. to be able

  13. I will give back

  14. three moons (dat.)

  15. they will bind

  16. we will refuse

  17. you (sg.) will bear/carry       [not porto]

  18. eight houses (abl.)       [not aedes]

  19. they will annoy

  20. swift mob (nom.)

B. Translate the following into idiomatic Latin.

  1. The bold mistress will never be able to take away the rich man's coins.

  2. Your (pl.) sons, (being) young men of no self-control, prefer to marry the daughters of wicked citizens.

  3. Do you (sg.) refuse to trust our plans?

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