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Worksheet for Reading Latin 2A


Give the appropriate forms.

  1. one hand (gen.)

  2. you (pl.) are able

  3. three nights (gen.)

  4. we will go

  5. they refuse

  6. you (pl.) will give back

  7. 4000 lying slaves (dat.)

  8. to prefer

  9. immense expenses (gen.)

  10. we will have

  11. one hundred suns (dat.)

  12. you (sg.) refuse

  13. we will be able

  14. they will ask for

  15. two fellows (acc.)

  16. to be unwilling

  17. we will bear/carry [two versions]

  18. 8000 citizens (abl.)

  19. she prefers

  20. they will deceive

  21. your (pl.) houses (dat.) [do not use aedis]

  22. I will wish

  23. to be able

  24. they will see

  25. one coin (dat.)

  26. you (sg.) will bind

  27. one thousand roads (acc.)

  28. they are able

  29. we do not wish

  30. three shrines (dat.)

  31. they will be

  32. I will possess

  33. swift hand (nom.)

  34. you (pl.) prefer

  35. he will believe

  36. two nights (abl.)

  37. we will give

  38. you (pl.) will refuse

  39. she will beat

  40. two thousand young men (nom.)

  41. he will prefer

  42. you (sg.) will order

  43. we will capture

  44. I will stand

  45. two houses (acc.) [do not use aedis]

  46. I will be able

  47. your (pl.) tricks (nom.)

  48. I will take away

  49. our expense (gen.)

  50. you (pl.) will be


Translate the following into idiomatic Latin.

  1. They will prefer that we take away the old man's three pots.

  2. Will you (pl.) be able to bind the two brothers?

  3. We do not want your (pl.) mistress, a girl of much astuteness, to make great expenditures [i.e., expenses -- use the pl].

  4. Will she be able to find 3000 houses? [Do not use aedis.]

  5. The young man will have seven mistresses, (but) no virtue. [Give two versions.]

  6. We prefer that you (pl.) write about virtue rather than wine.   [wine = vinum -i (2n)]

  7. Will they deceive the two wives?

  8. My brother has a quick hand, a bold plan, (and) enough money. [Give two versions.]

  9. About the gods I am able to say nothing.

  10. Will they go to Euclio's house with (their) sisters?

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