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Worksheet for Reading Latin 2B


Give the appropriate forms.

  1. they think

  2. many matters (acc.)

  3. we say [do not use dico]

  4. five heads (nom.)

  5. remember (pl.)!

  6. 9000 days (acc.)

  7. to lie

  8. an evil business (gen.)

  9. she forgets

  10. three days (nom.)

  11. to come out

  12. no head (dat.)

  13. you (sg.) are following

  14. to promise

  15. two days (dat.)

  16. they come out

  17. a stupid business (abl.)

  18. lie (sg.)!

  19. beautiful heads (gen.)

  20. a difficult day (acc.)

  21. to be begging

  22. you (pl.) are approaching

  23. the other matter (dat.)

  24. promise (pl.)!

  25. no mistress (gen.)


Translate the following into idiomatic Latin.

  1. Nicobulus, a fellow of no wisdom, is ignorant of everything.

  2. We prefer that you (sg.) continue and examine the letter.

  3. Do you (pl.) refuse to bind our heads?

  4. Don't (pl.) speak but remember your wives.

  5. They will complete (their) tasks and return with me.

  6. You (sg.) prefer to forget our misfortunes ["evils"] rather than threaten your citizens.

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