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Key to Worksheet for Reading Latin 2C


Give the appropriate forms.

  1. these prostitutes (nom.)
    hae meretrices

  2. that woman (acc.)
    illam mulierem

  3. these dangers (acc.)
    haec pericula

  4. that plan (nom.)
    illud consilium

  5. this dowry (acc.)
    hanc dotem

  6. that custom (abl.)
    illo more

  7. this job/task (gen.)
    huius operis

  8. this soldier (dat.)
    huic militi

  9. this burden (acc.)
    hoc onus

  10. this couch (acc.)
    hunc lectum


Translate the following into idiomatic Latin.

  1. If you (pl.) command me to marry this woman, I will consider you wicked. [use habeo]
    si me hanc mulierem domum ducere iubebitis, vos scelestos/scelestas habebo.

  2. Do those soldiers seem to you (sg.) to be growing angry?
    irascine illi milites tibi videntur?

  3. It is the sister of this young man whom I consider stupid.
    sororem huius iuvenis stultam [esse] arbitror.

  4. Don't (sg.) try to follow us!
    noli nos sequi!

  5. How angry these wives seem!
    quam iratae hae uxores [esse] videntur!

  6. That prostitute's two sisters are coming out of the house: the one I love, the other's character I consider bad.
    duae sorores illius meretricis ex aedibus egrediuntur: alteram amo, alterius mores malos arbitror.
    [In place of ex aedibus you might have used domo.]

  7. What man do you (pl.) consider ignorant of these affairs?
    quem virum nescium harum rerum [esse] arbitramini?

  8. Are you (sg.) threatening this woman?
    huic feminae minaris/minare?

  9. Euclio has both a brother and a son: the former is a soldier, the latter is a wild young man. [do not use habeo or possideo]
    Euclioni est et frater et filius: ille miles est, hic iuvenis saevus.

  10. Will he be willing to advance through fire and water, if we defend this town?
    per ignem atque aquam progredi volet, si hoc oppidum defendemus?

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