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Key to Worksheet for Reading Latin 3A


Give the appropriate forms.

  1. the blackest nights (gen.)
    noctium nigerrimarum

  2. a better death (dat.)
    morti meliori

  3. more wax (abl.)
    plure cerae

  4. that war (acc.)
    id bellum

  5. the bravest soldiers (abl.)
    militibus fortissimis

  6. the worst times (acc.)
    tempora pessima

  7. the most beautiful day (gen.)
    diei pulcherrimi

  8. those armies (dat.)
    eis/iis exercitibus

  9. more misfortunes (nom.)
    plura mala

  10. the larger expenses (acc.)
    sumptus maiores / sumptum maiorem

  11. the best cities (gen.)
    urbium optimarum

  12. that king (abl.)
    eo rege

  13. the rather stupid slave (acc.)
    servum stultiorem

  14. a most difficult duty (nom.)
    officium difficillimum

  15. the smallest head (gen.)
    capitis minimi

  16. very many coins (gen.)
    nummorum plurimorum

  17. that triumph (dat.)
    ei victoriae

  18. the rather gloomy wife (gen.)
    uxoris tristioris

  19. a smaller house (gen.)
    domus minoris / domi minoris / aedium minorum

  20. the very swift hand (dat.)
    manui celerrimae

  21. those orders (nom.)
    ea imperia

  22. more booty (acc.)
    plus praedae

  23. the biggest things/matters (abl.)
    maximis rebus

  24. the easiest roads (nom.)
    viae facillimae

  25. that leader (acc.)
    eum ducem


Translate the following into idiomatic Latin.

  1. They consider you (sg.) braver than me.
    te fortiorem quam me habent/arbitrantur.

  2. Do you (sg.) want more money?
    plusne pecuniae vis?

  3. For many days the masters were more untruthful than their slaves.
    multos dies domini mendaciores quam servi fuerunt/fuere.

  4. They will refuse to marry the most beautiful (pl.) of the girls.
    pulcherrimas puellarum domum ducere nolent.

  5. He never saw his sons in greater dangers than those.
    filios in maioribus periculis quam eis/iis numquam vidit.

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