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Worksheet for Reading Latin 3A


Give the appropriate forms.

  1. the blackest nights (gen.)

  2. a better death (dat.)

  3. more wax (abl.)

  4. that war (acc.)

  5. the bravest soldiers (abl.)

  6. the worst times (acc.)

  7. the most beautiful day (gen.)

  8. those armies (dat.)

  9. more misfortunes (nom.)

  10. the larger expenses (acc.)

  11. the best cities (gen.)

  12. that king (abl.)

  13. the rather stupid slave (acc.)

  14. a most difficult duty (nom.)

  15. the smallest head (gen.)

  16. very many coins (gen.)

  17. that triumph (dat.)

  18. the rather gloomy wife (gen.)

  19. a smaller house (gen.)

  20. the very swift hand (dat.)

  21. those orders (nom.)

  22. more booty (acc.)

  23. the biggest things/matters (abl.)

  24. the easiest roads (nom.)

  25. that leader (acc.)


Translate the following into idiomatic Latin.

  1. They consider you (sg.) braver than me.

  2. Do you (sg.) want more money?

  3. For many days the masters were more untruthful than their slaves.

  4. They will refuse to marry the most beautiful (pl.) of the girls.

  5. He never saw his sons in greater dangers than those.

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