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Key to Worksheet for Reading Latin 3B


Give the appropriate forms.

  1. you (fem. pl.) forgot
    oblitae estis

  2. it will happen

  3. silently

  4. we (masc.) got / acquired
    adepti sumus

  5. you (fem. sg.) have dared
    ausa es

  6. it seemed
    visum est

  7. bravely

  8. I (masc.) grew angry
    iratus sum

  9. they (fem.) became
    factae sunt

  10. having followed (fem. pl. nom.)

  11. unhappily

  12. you (masc. sg.) promised [do not use promitto]
    pollicitus es

  13. we (masc.) dared
    ausi sumus

  14. he becomes

  15. fiercely
    ferociter / saeve

  16. having set out (masc. sg. dat.)

  17. he spoke [do not use dico]
    locutus est

  18. boldly

  19. having lied / spoken falsehoods (fem. pl. gen.)

  20. they (masc.) threatened
    minati sunt


Translate the following into idiomatic Latin.

  1. Don't kill yourselves!
    nolite vos necare.

  2. They enemy will not ever surrender their own citizens.
    hostes civis suos numquam dedent.

  3. Having set out from camp, the cavalry followed the legion.
    e castris progressi, equites legionem secuti sunt.

  4. They addressed themselves bravely.
    se fortiter allocuti sunt.

  5. They captured the soldier after he had endured many misfortunes.
    militem multa mala passum ceperunt.

  6. After he had pondered for three hours, he seemed to grow angry.
    tris horas meditatus, irasci visus est.

  7. She refused to give herself a dowry.
    noluit sibi dotem dare.

  8. At last the general sent the girls home because they had told many lies.
    tandem dux puellas multa mentitas domum misit.

  9. Does he love his [i.e., someone else's] daughter more than [he loves] his own mother? ["more than" = plus quam]
    filiamne eius plus quam matrem suam amat?

  10. She is more like me than [she is like] herself. [two versions]
    similior mei quam sui est. / similior mihi quam sibi est.

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