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Worksheet for Reading Latin 3C


Give the appropriate forms.

  1. being about to enter (masc. gen. sg.)

  2. the same shape (dat.)

  3. being about to return / give back (fem. acc. sg.)

  4. most quickly

  5. being about to reply (neut. acc. pl.)

  6. the same tricks (gen.)

  7. being about to take away (masc. dat. pl.)

  8. more foolishly

  9. being about to warn (neut. acc. sg.)

  10. the same fist (gen.)

  11. being about to sleep (fem. dat. sg.)

  12. more unhappily

  13. being about to touch (fem. abl. sg.)

  14. the same feet (nom.)

  15. being about to return / go back (masc. acc. sg.)

  16. most fiercely

  17. being about to flee (neut. gen. sg.)

  18. the same land (acc.)

  19. being about to believe (fem. abl. pl.)

  20. more boldly

  21. being about to bind (neut. dat. sg.)

  22. no one (dat.)

  23. being about to read (masc. gen. pl.)

  24. most beautifully

  25. being about to destroy (fem. acc. pl.)


Translate the following into idiomatic Latin.

  1. Are the prostitutes on the point of attacking the same old man?

  2. Surely he is going to defend himself with his fists?

  3. The wicked slave dared to deceive his master by means of tricks most easily.

  4. Are they not intending to conduct war more courageously?

  5. No one votes [or: it pleases no one] to dwell with his/her own parents.     [parens, parentis (3m.)]

  6. The ambassadors fled, intending to tell their king everything.

  7. You (sg.) are intending to take away the cavalry more quickly, aren't you?

  8. The sheep of utmost beauty are going to return from the battle by means of their own feet within this hour.

  9. He bore himself [or: charged] against the enemy rather foolishly.

  10. We went into their territory intending to find our ships.

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