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Key to Worksheet for Reading Latin 3D


Using the constructions and vocabulary discussed in Lesson 3D, render the following into idiomatic Latin.

  1. Money is a hindrance to many rich (people).
    pecunia impedimento multis divitibus est.

  2. We have decided to return home.
    nobis domum regredi/redire placet.

  3. If ever you (sg.) are a source of desire for Jupiter, you will have many misfortunes. [Do not use habeo.]
    si voluptati Iovi umquam eris, multa mala tibi erunt.

  4. In the eyes of many, war is a very good thing.
    bellum multis optimum est.

  5. Everyone hates you (pl.).
    odio omnibus estis.

  6. You (sg.) are not permitted to threaten the ambassadors.
    tibi non licet legatis minari.

  7. They came to help the girls and boys.
    auxilio pueris et puellis venerunt/venere.

  8. My hands are very small.
    manus mihi minimae sunt.

  9. The soldiers blocked the slaves' way and threatened them greatly.
    milites servis obstiterunt/obstitere et eis multa minati sunt.

  10. It is necessary for all good citizens to obey the generals.
    omnibus civibus necesse est ducibus parere.

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