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Key to Worksheet for Reading Latin 4C

  1. He saw the women whose husbands had devised this plan.
    vidit feminas quarum viri hoc consilium excogitaverant.

  2. She read through the letter that I myself had written.
    perlegit litteras quas ipse/ipsa scripseram.

  3. They preferred to remain at Rome rather than become Verres' companions.
    Romae manere maluerunt potius quam Verris comites fieri.

  4. The young men whom Caesar had spared left Rome for Syracuse.
    iuvenes quibus Caesar pepercerat Roma abierunt Syracusas.

  5. They destroyed the shrine (fanum) which Scipio had built (aedifico [1]) at Syracuse.
    fanum deleverunt quod Scipio Syracusis aedificaverat.

  6. When he had caught sight of these women, he left Malta and remained at Lilybaeum. [Use a connecting relative pronoun.]
    quas ubi conspicatus est, Melita abiit atque Lilybaei mansit.

  7. While Verres was praetor, the senate of the Syracusans showed favor to many scoundrels out of fear.
    Verre praetore, senatus Syracusanorum multis scelestis timore favit.

  8. A certain man, whose son had been accustomed to trust Verres, said that he [i.e., the man] would never obey that scoundrel.
    vir quidam, cuius filius Verri credere solitus erat, negabat se isti umquam pariturum esse.

  9. You (sg.) don't think that the magistrates we called back to Rome did this themselves, do you?
    num putas magistratus quos Romam revocavimus ipsos hoc fecisse?

  10. The man who loves himself will never forget his friends.
    qui se amat numquam amicos obliviscetur.

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