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Key to Worksheet for Reading Latin 4D

  1. While Brutus was praetor, the pirates were smitten/killed with an axe at Syracuse.
    Bruto praetore, praedones securi Syracusis percussi sunt.

  2. The statues had been removed from the temple by certain slaves of Verres at night.
    simulacra e templo a quibusdam servis Verris nocte sublata erant.

  3. Everyone realized that they (i.e., some others) had been killed by the pirates.
    omnes senserunt eos a praedonibus necatos esse.

  4. At Rome, no one used to be commanded to spare slaves.
    nemo Romae servis parcere iubebatur.

  5. Everyone realized that they (i.e., the same people) would be killed by the pirates.
    omnes senserunt se a praedonibus necatum iri.

  6. When these things had been heard by all, the consul himself was defended by no one.
    quae ubi ab omnibus audita sunt, consul ipse a nemine defensus est.

  7. Some people were being captured in one place, others in another.
    alii alibi capiebantur.

  8. Some will say that these things were done out of fear.
    aliqui dicent haec timore facta esse.

  9. The senate agreed/voted that the enemy would be bound and held at Lilybaeum.
    senatui placuit hostis Lilybaei vinctum atque tentum iri.

  10. (The person) who has been loved, will love others.
    qui amatus est, alios amabit.
          (Note: we'll learn a more idiomatic way of expressing this later on.)

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