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Key to Worksheet for Reading Latin 4F

Provide the following verb forms.

  1. tollo — 3rd sg. pres. subj. act.

  2. scribo — pres. act. partic., neut. nom. pl.

  3. polliceor — 1st sg. impf. subj.

  4. egeo — 3rd pl. plupfct. subj. act.

  5. fugio — 2nd pl. pres. subj. act.

  6. cupio — 1st sg. impf. subj. act.

  7. patior — pres. act. partic., masc. nom. pl.

  8. progredior — 1st sg. plupfct. subj.
    progressus, -a, -um essem

  9. sequor — 1st pl. pres. subj.

  10. nolo — 2nd sg. impf. subj. act.

  11. nego — 2nd pl. plupfct. subj. act.

  12. sto — 1st pl. impf. subj. act.

  13. credo — 3rd pl. plupfct. subj. act.

  14. oro — pres. act. partic., neut. dat. pl.

  15. volo — 3rd pl. pres. subj. act.

  16. eo — 1st. pl. pres. subj. act.

  17. occido ("to kill") — 3rd. sg. plupfct. subj. pass.
    occisus, -a, -um esset

  18. scio — 2nd pl. impf. subj. act.

  19. dormio — 3rd pl. pres. subj. act.

  20. eo — pres. act. partic., fem. acc. pl.

Translate the following into idiomatic Latin.

  1. It happens that I am a Roman citizen.
    accidit ut civis Romanus sim.

  2. I order you (pl.) to be silent. [two versions]
    iubeo vos tacere. / impero vobis ut taceatis.

  3. He will persuade them to delay, won't he?
    nonne eis/iis persuadebit ut morentur?

  4. They urged us to return to Rome and not to flee to Sicily.
    nos hortati sunt ut Roman regrederemur neve ad Siciliam fugeremus.

  5. Although they had seen many cities and many seas, they seemed to fear our customs.
    cum multas urbis multaque maria vidissent, mores nostros tamen timere visi sunt / videbantur.

  6. He used to order his slaves to pay attention and never to strike a Roman citizen.
    servis suis imperabat ut operam darent neve civem Romanum caederent/ferirent.

  7. Since he wishes to become consul, he will try to be a source of help to all.
    cum consul fieri velit, conabitur auxilio omnibus esse.

  8. I forbid you to strip the praetor. [two versions]
    veto vos praetorem nudare. / impero vobis ne praetorem nudetis.

  9. Although he had lived in Syracuse for many years, Diodorus used to say that he would never be safe while Verres was praetor.
    cum Syracusis multos annos iam habitavisset/habitasset, Diodorus negabat se umquam salvum futurum esse / fore Verre praetore.

  10. He commanded that no one spare the enemy, although they were suffering greatly.
    imperavit ne quis hostibus multa patientibus parceret.

    Less elegant: imperavit ne quis hostibus parceret, cum illi multa paterentur / quamquam illi multa patiebantur.

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