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Worksheet for Reading Latin 4G

Translate the following into idiomatic Latin and be prepared to explain the mood and tense of each of the verbs.

  1. If you (pl.) were to escape, our danger would be great.

  2. Did you (sg.) see the man who did this?

  3. He said that he had seen the man who did this.

  4. No one who trusts Verres will command us.

  5. If they were not delaying, we would be setting out.

  6. When he saw [i.e., had seen] them, he grew angry. [use ubi or ut]

  7. He said that when he saw [i.e., had seen] them, he grew angry. [use ubi or ut]

  8. All the citizens love him, since he has much money. [two versions]

  9. All the citizens used to love him, since he had much money. [two versions]

  10. If we were to spare them, all the citizens would defend us.

  11. Although he had threatened many of us, he did not dare to kill our sons. [four versions]

  12. All those for whom the state is a source of sport/mockery favor Verres. [ludibrium]

  13. He was the sort of man whom all the women loved.

  14. I will go to Rome because I fear Verres.

  15. He says that he will go to Rome because he fears Verres.

  16. He said that he would go to Rome because he feared Verres.

  17. If I lived in Sicily, I would be braver than you (sg.).

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