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Latin 112: Key to Sample Second Midterm

A. Give the Latin for the following.

  1. we will write

  2. one thousand loads/burdens (acc.)
    mille onera

  3. you (sg.) are speaking [do not use dico]
    loqueris or loquere

  4. what plans? (nom.)
    quae consilia or [less good] quid consiliorum

  5. two nights (acc.)
    duas noctis or duas noctes

  6. we refuse

  7. huge expenses (gen.)
    sumptuum ingentium or sumptus ingentis

  8. they will beat

  9. to prefer

  10. your (pl.) hands (acc.)
    manus vestras

  11. they are able

  12. to be promising [do not use promitto]

  13. I will deceive

  14. one hand (gen.)
    unius manus

  15. do! / make! (sg.)

  16. you (pl.) are advancing

  17. the utmost manliness/courage (gen.)
    summae virtutis

  18. three thousand nights (abl.)
    tribus milibus noctium

  19. of you (pl.) [as in "fear of you"]

  20. we are lying/telling falsehoods

B. Translate the following into idiomatic Latin.

  1. They will refuse to threaten (their) untruthful mistresses.
    amicis mendacibus minari nolent.

  2. She prefers that you (pl.) return the slave, a fellow of no self-control.
    mavult vos reddere servum, hominem nulla continentia.

  3. We will have many pots full of gold, if you (pl.) are willing to trust me. [do not use habeo or possideo]
    erunt nobis multae aulae auri plenae, si mihi credere voletis.

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