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Latin 113: Key to Sample Second Midterm Examination

Give the following forms.

[If not otherwise specified, assume the masc.]

  1. adloquor — 2nd sg. plupfct. subj.
    adlocutus esses

  2. credo — 1st pl. pres. subj. act.

  3. tollo — 2nd sg. plupfct. ind. pass.
    sublatus eras

  4. nuntio — 1st pl. impf. subj. pass.

  5. pono — 3rd sg. plupfct. ind. act.

  6. malo — 1st sg. pres. subj.

  7. capio — 3rd pl. impf. subj. act.

  8. uincio — 1st pl. pres. subj. pass.

  9. perficio — 2nd pl. plupfct. subj. act.

  10. sum — 3rd pl. pres. subj.

Translate the following into idiomatic English, staying as close as possible to the syntax of the original. Do not paraphrase.

  1. praedonum dux nauis, cum captae essent, incendi iussit.
    The leader of the pirates ordered the ships, once they had been captured, to be burned.

  2. ut Verres ciuis Romanos caedit, ita ipsum affirmo a ciuibus Romanis caesum iri.
    Just as Verres beats/kills Roman citizens, so I maintain he himself will be beaten/killed by Roman citizens.

  3. quo cum peruenisset, loqui coepit se Romam iturum et Verrem delaturum.
    When he had arrived there, he began to say that he was going to go to Rome and report Verres.

  4. illis rogantibus praedo respondit se navis fugientis uidisse.
    To them, when they asked, the pirate replied that he had seen the ships fleeing. [Note: respondit could be taken as a present tense form.]

Translate the following into idiomatic Latin.

  1. They kept urging us to return to Syracuse and not to tarry at Lilybaeum.
    nos hortabantur ut Syracusas regrederemur neve Lilybaei commoraremur/maneremus.

  2. I will see to it that you all die!
    perficiam ut omnes moriamini.

  3. You (sg.) gave orders that no one was to escape. [Do not use iubeo]
    imperavisti ne quis effugeret/perfugeret.

  4. Although he had often been conquered by the enemy, he persuaded us to go with him.
    cum saepe ab hostibus victus esset, nobis tamen persuasit ut secum iremus. /

    quamquam saepe ab hostibus victus erat, nobis persuasit ut secum iremus. /

    saepe ab hostibus victus, nobis tamen persuasit ut secum iremus.

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