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Latin 112: Key to Quiz for 1F

A. Give the Latin for the following.

  1. to be taking away

  2. an easy burden (acc.)
    onus facile

  3. to say

  4. all the wives (gen.)
    uxorum omnium

  5. us (as in "three of us")
    [Reading Latin Grammar 43 n. 2]

  6. to wish

  7. be! (pl.)

  8. you (dat. pl.)

  9. the wicked sister (dat.)
    sorori malae

  10. to be making

  11. gloomy boys (nom.)
    pueri tristes

  12. the bold old man (abl.)
    sene audaci

B. Translate the following into idiomatic Latin.

  1. Euclio's sons are young men of the utmost boldness (and) no virtue.
    filii Euclionis iuvenes sunt summa audacia, nulla virtute.
    [Reading Latin Grammar 49]
  2. What man does not want to entrust the rich citizens to my brother?
    qui vir civis divites fratri meo credere non vult?
  3. What business do you (sg.) have in the house of Megadorus?
    quid tibi negoti est apud Megadorum?
    [Reading Latin Learning Vocabulary for 1F; Grammar 40 and 48.2]

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