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Latin 113: Key to Quiz for 4E

Give the Latin for the following.

  1. tollo — 3rd sg. plupfct. ind. act. ("he had lifted/removed")

  2. caedo — pres. pass. inf. ("to be beaten, killed")

  3. eo — pres. act. partic., fem. gen. sg. ("going")

  4. utor — 1st pl. plupfct. ind. ("we had made use of")
    usi eramus

  5. deleo — 1st sg. impf. ind. pass. ("I was being destroyed")

  6. nolo — 3rd pl. plupfct. subj. act. ("they had refused")

  7. impero — 2nd pl. plupfct. ind. act. ("you had commanded")

  8. fio — 3rd. sg. pfct. ind. ("he became")
    factus est

  9. excogito — 3rd pl. plupfct. subj. act. ("they had thought up")

  10. mentior — pres. act. partic., masc. acc. sg. ("lying")

  11. adipiscor — 3rd sg. plupfct. subj. ("she had acquired")
    adepta esset

  12. ferio — 2nd sg. impf. ind. pass. ("you were being beaten")
    feriebaris / feriebare

  13. possum — pres. act. inf. ("to be able")

  14. accipio — pres. act. partic., fem. gen. pl. ("receiving")
    accipientium / accipientum

  15. vincio — pres. pass. inf. ("to be bound")

  16. incendo — 3rd pl. fut. ind. pass. ("they will be set afire")

  17. scribo — 3rd sg. plupfct. subj. pass. ("it had been written")
    scriptum esset

  18. polliceor — pres. act. partic., neut. nom. sg. ("promising")

  19. venio — fut. act. inf. ("to be about to come")
    venturus esse

  20. vinco — 1st sg. plupfct. subj. act. ("I had conquered")

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