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Flashcard templates for Jones and Sidwell, Reading Latin
[available for download in rtf format]

The links below will allow you to access tab-delimited files containing various flashcard drills for use as you progress through the Reading Latin text.
These files were created to generate flashcard drills via the Flashcards Deluxe application, for use on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. The most effective way to employ these cards is to simply download them onto your device via the Flashcards Deluxe application. (Once you have downloaded the application, click on "+" to add stacks, then select "Shared Library," then "Search." My stacks all begin with the title "Reading Latin.")
Those of you who do not have access to this particular technology, or who prefer to employ another application, should be able to generate your own cards using the files below: there are a number of flashcard applications available on the Internet, many of them free of charge.
The advantages of the Flashcards Deluxe application include:
Note: the files below contain a certain amount of html encoding (non-breaking spaces, non-breaking hyphens, etc.). Users who wish to employ the files in a non-html environment will have to search and replace these elements.

Reading Latin, Unit 1

Reading Latin, Unit 2

Reading Latin, Unit 3

Reading Latin, Unit 4

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