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Latin 112/113: Introduction to the Basic Elements of Latin-English Grammar:
Parts of Speech

For further discussion see the "Glossary of English-Latin Grammar" on pp. xvii-xxiii of the Reading Latin grammar.

  1. Noun

  2. Pronoun

  3. Verb

  4. Adjective

  5. Adverb

  6. Preposition

  7. Conjunction

  8. Interjection


[FN 1] See the notes on the "Use of the Adjective" for unit 1B. [Return to text]

[FN 2] The Wikipedia page on adverbs provides a useful overview: [Return to text]

[FN 3] Clause: any statement that contains a subject and a verb.

[FN 4] Phrase: a group of words in a sentence that naturally belong together but that do not contain a subject and/or a verb and convey no complete meaning of their own — e.g., "in the back yard" [a prepositional phrase] [Return to text]

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