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Resource Sheets for LATN 112, 113, and 202

All files are in PDF format; click any of the links below to download a file.
You will need a PDF reader (e.g., Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, Preview) in order to read and print the files.


Learning vocabularies

Unit 1A

Unit 1B

Unit 1C

Unit 1D

Unit 1E

Unit 1F

Unit 1G

Unit 2A

Unit 2B

Unit 2C

Unit 2D

Unit 2E

Unit 3A

Unit 3B

Unit 3C

Unit 3D

Unit 4A

Unit 4B

Unit 4C

Unit 4D

Unit 4E

Unit 4F

Unit 4G

Unit 5A

Unit 5B

Unit 5C

Unit 5D

Unit 5F

Unit 5G

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