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Images of the Ancient Stage
John Porter, University of Saskatchewan

This project offers links to images of the ancient stage available on various sites on the WWW. Of necessity, it is very much a work in progress. Anyone interested in contributing to the project is urged to do so: scanned images, links to pages on other web sites, bibliographic entries, or simply comments or advice are all welcome. Please contact John Porter at
Please note: most of the links offered on this site are to material on other servers, made available via the WWW by organizations or individuals with whom I have no connection. This page itself, however, should be considered the copyrighted property of the author and is not to be reproduced without permission.

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Virtual Reconstructions of Ancient Theaters

Modern Production of Ancient Plays

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For a glossary of terms associated with the ancient Greek theater and links to descriptions of theaters in Pausanias, see the on-line Perseus Encyclopedia entries s.v. "theater" and "theatron."

For a catalogue of most theater sites in Perseus, see the architecture menu s.v. "Type: theater".

Theater of Dionysus at Athens

(The pages in this section are on the UofS website.)

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Deme Theaters

Theaters Elsewhere in Mainland Greece

Theaters in Asia Minor

Theaters on the Islands of the Aegean

Theaters in Magna Graecia

The Roman World

Vase Paintings and Manuscript Illustrations

Statues and Terracotta Figurines

Mosaics, Frescoes, Reliefs, and Architectural Decoration

Choregic Monuments

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