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(Petronius, Satyricon 110.6-113.4)

Welcome to the Widow of Ephesus site.

This set of pages is very much a work in progress. It was designed with three goals in mind:

  1. to offer intermediate Latin students access to an interesting and relatively readable Latin text
  2. to encourage good reading habits by focusing on a precise grammatical analysis of the text
  3. to introduce students to the use of a standard Latin grammar

Upon entering the site, you will find that the text itself (Petronius, Satyricon 110.6-113.4) appears in the upper frame of the main window. On the surface, this tale presents a relatively light-hearted bit of Roman misogynistic wit. A closer reading, however, soon reveals interesting ambiguities that are characteristic of Petronius' complex and elusive comic novel. (For critical background, see the accompanying bibliography.) The text itself is active: each word is linked to an on-line glossary, which is designed to appear in the bottom frame of the main window.

The grammatical commentary appears in the middle frame of the main window. It offers a detailed grammatical exegesis of the text, with links to the on-line Latin Grammar by Allen and Greenough [AG] available on the Perseus WWW site. The commentary is linked to the Latin text via the section numbers in the heading for each entry, which are active links. The text, in turn, is linked to the commentary via the section numbers (in round or square parentheses), which are also active links.

When accessed, the discussion of grammatical points in Allen and Greenough will appear in a separate window. Most other links on the site (general background to the tale, abbreviations, translation, bibliography, usernotes, credits) will open in the bottom frame of the main window, which serves as a sort of catch-all. An index for the entire site is offered on the left-hand side of the screen.


Links to Perseus can be somewhat finicky. Should the material from Allen and Greenough not load properly, try the link again.

You can adjust the size of the various frames by clicking on the margins and dragging them to the appropriate position on your screen.

You might find that the site is more presentable if you disable the "Underline Links" option on your Web browser.