Areas of Interest

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Water is a natural resource essential to all forms of life, including humans. Quality and supply (quantity) of water are fundamental to healthy ecosystems and sustainable societies. However, our water resources are limited and often under stress as the result of over-allocation, over-development, careless or uninformed practices, or, more recently, changes linked to regional climate extremes.  My research focuses on the responses of aquatic organisms, communities and ecosystems to changes in habitat and water and sediment quality resulting from industrial, agricultural or municipal activities. With respect to contaminants, I am particularly interested in:

  • The bioavailability and toxicity of metals, including nanomaterials, in surface waters and sediments; 
  • Deriving environmental quality thresholds (water, sediment and tissue-based guidance);
  • Aquatic ecotoxicology; and,
  • Aquatic paleoecotoxicology, the retrospective assessment of stressor-induced changes to ecosystems.