Index of refraction, lenses and mirrors lab activity

You will be using a ray box to do this activity. Notice that the raybox has a shield which lets various amounts of light through (single ray, multiple parallel rays etc). Each person should record the results of each activity to hand in. This is an informal lab writeup. I am interested in brief descriptions of procedure and your observations. Pictures are highly recommended. You might want to use the Snell's Law Javascript to do the calculations. However, you should do at least one example calculation by hand and show your work.

  1. Take a converging lens and find the focal length of it with the raybox.
  2. Take a converging mirror and find the focal length of it with the raybox
  3. Take a semicircular material. What type of "lens" is it?
    • Find the focal length of this "lens".
    • Find the critical angle of this item and compute it's index of refraction
    • Find the index of refraction of this item, but use a different angle of incidence
    • What is the speed of light in this material?
  4. Can you devise a way to find the focal length of a diverging mirror or lens? Write up a procedure.