The Council for Asia-Europe Cooperation (CAEC)

The CAEC is a "track-two" organisation of 12 research institutes in Asia and Europe committed to the development of better relations among Europeans and Asians. In keeping with the track-two philosophy of involving specialists and officials (in their private capacities), the CAEC is designed to help shape an effective agenda for the Asia-Europe Summit (ASEM) process. The first ASEM was held in Bangkok in March 1996 and the second will be held in London in April 1998. The CAEC's work will be formally reported to ASEM officials at their regular meetings.

In its first phase the CAEC had two task forces. The first, headed by Simon Nuttall (formerly of the EC Commission), Hadi Soesastro of the Institute for Strategic and International Studies in Jakarta and Carolina Hernandez, worked with a high-level team of specialists to identify an agenda for action at the second ASEM. The second, headed by Gerald Segal at the IISS, and Tadashi Yamamoto of the Japan Center for International Exchange , devised a database of writing on Asia-Europe relations in order to identify gaps in the field. The task forces reported to plenary meetings of the CAEC, in Paris in November 1996, at Ditchley Park in May, 1997, and in Tokyo in November 1997. These reports were presented to ASEM governments in November and published in December.

At the Tokyo CAEC plenary meeting it was agreed to create new task forces for work beyond the London summit. Details are now being agreed and work will begin after the London ASEM.


The 12 members of the executive committee of the CAEC are as follows:

Centre for Strategic and International Studies , Jakarta

Ilmin International Relations Institute, Seoul

Institute for Asia-Pacific Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing

Institute of Policy Studies, Singapore

Japan Center for International Exchange , Tokyo (Asian Secretariat)

School of Pacific-Asian Studies, Australian National University, Canberra

Center for Pacific Asia Studies, Stockholm

French Institute of International Relations , Paris

German Society for Foreign Affairs , Bonn

International Institute for Strategic Studies , London (European Secretariat)

Italian Institute of International Affairs, Rome

Royal Institute of International Affairs , London

The CAEC's Secretariat in Europe is support through the ESRC's Pacific Asia Programme . For further details on the work of the CAEC, please contact the secretariat through:

For further details on the CAEC, please consult the Web page of the Asian secretariat at the JCIE .

For an analysis of the ASEM challenge, please consult the follow article "Thinking Strategically About ASEM" by Gerald Segal in The Pacific Review, No.1, 1997.

For a more specific analysis of the security agenda for ASEM, please see the follow article, "Getting Serious About Asia-Europe Security Cooperation" by Dong Ik Shin and Gerald Segal in Survival Vol.39, No.1, Spring 1997.

"Asia and Europe: Societies in Transition". A report for the British Council based on a meeting of 'young ASEM leaders' and submitted to the Asia-Europe Summit in London on 3-4 April 1998.

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