Date, Place of Birth: 3 February 1953, Montreal, Canada

Nationality: UK and Canada

Family Status: Married (Dr. Edwina Moreton), one daughter (born 1988)

Address: International Institute for Strategic Studies

23 Tavistock St., London WC2E 7NQ, UK.

Tel: 44171-379-7676. Fax:44171-836-3108




Current Employment:

Director of Studies (from 1 September 1997) at the International Institute for Strategic Studies responsible for design of the research programme, fundraising, and supervision of research. Concurrently editor of the Adelphi Paper monograph series.

Director of the UK Economic and Social Research Council's Pacific Asia Programme (from April 1994).


Current Additional Activities:

Co-founder, Co-chairman, and host of the Secretariat of the European Council for Security Cooperation in Asia-Pacific (ECSCAP). From September 1994 to September 1997. Currently still host of the Secretariat.

Co-founder and host of the European Secretariat of the Council for Asia-Europe Co-operation (CAEC). From May 1996.

Forum Fellow at the World Economic Forum (Davos) from 1995.

"External Assessor" of the UK Open University’s forthcoming multimedia learning programme on Asia-Pacific. Began 1996, the course begins in 1998.




International Institute for Strategic Studies, Senior Fellow responsible for Asian security (September 1991-August 1997). From September 1996 also editor of Adelphi Papers series.

Royal Institute of International Affairs, Senior Research Fellow directing a project on comparative foreign policy reform in communist states. August 1988-September 1991.

The Pacific Review, founder (in January 1987) and Editor of a quarterly journal published by Oxford University Press and then Routledge from 1993. 'Retired' by personal choice and handed over to new editor in January 1995.

University of Bristol, Department of Politics: Reader: August 1989-September 1991,

Lecturer: April 1984-July 1989.

University of Leicester, Department of Politics: Lecturer: October 1981-March 1984

University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. Department of International Politics: Lecturer: October 1979-September 1981


London School of Economics, 1975-79. Ph.D. Topic: "From Bipolarity to the Great Power Triangle: Moscow, Peking, Washington, 1961-68".

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1971-75. B.A. (Highest Distinction)

Major: International Politics. Minor: Political Science, Asian Studies

Professional Membership






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Co-editor and contributor:

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17 May 1998