The European Council for Security Cooperation in Asia-Pacific (ECSCAP)

ECSCAP is a grouping of Europeans concerned to foster a greater European engagement in the prosperity and stability of Asia-Pacific. It is a "track-two" organisation which includes specialists and government officials in their private capacities, and is formally the European member of the Council for Security Cooperation in Asia-Pacific (CSCAP). CSCAP is a formal "track-two" mechanism linked to the ASEAN Regional Forum and is intended to help foster prosperity and stability in Asia-Pacific.

ECSCAP, like the broader CSCAP, meets twice each year and takes part in CSCAP plenary and working group meetings.

The Secretariat is at the International Institute for Strategic Studies , London.

The five CSCAP co-chairmen are:
Michael Leifer, the London School of Economics, London

Francois Godement, French Institute of International Affairs , Paris

Hanns Maull, Germany Society for Foreign Affairs , Bonn

Jean-Pierre Lehmann, International Institute for Management Development , Lausanne.

Tom Hart, Center for Pacific Asia Studies, Stockholm

ECSCAP is supported by the ESRC's Pacific Asia Programme . For further details of the operation of ECSCAP please contact the secretariat through:


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