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Recent Articles:


"How Insecure is Pacific Asia?", published in International Affairs Spring 1997.

"Hong Kong, China and the "Pander Tendency", published in The World Today in March 1997.

"Asia's Infinite Game: A Prospect Debate", published in Prospect in March 1997.

"A Western Theme", (with Barry Buzan)  published in Prospect in February 1998.

"Asia and Europe: Societies in Transition". A report for the British Council based on a meeting of 'young ASEM leaders' and submitted to the Asia-Europe Summit in London on 3-4 April 1998.

"Crisis, What Crisis", published in Prospect in February 1999.

"Does China Matter", published as the lead article in Foreign Affairs, September -October 1999.



Recent Books:

1-China Rising, a book published by Routledge in 1997 and edited by David S.G. Goodman and Gerald Segal.

Table of contents and introduction to the book by Gerald Segal and David S.G. Goodman.

"'Enlitening' China", the chapter by Gerald Segal.

2- "Anticipating the Future--a book for Simon and Schuster, by Barry Buzan and Gerald Segal", Table of contents and introduction of a book published in February 1998.

3- "Europe and the Asia-Pacific", co-edited with Hanns Maull and Jusuf Wanandi. Routledge, 1998.


Recent Editorials:

"A Balance of Power for East Asia". International Herald Tribune, 10 January 1997.

"Market-Leninist left no heir". The Observer, 23 February 1997.

"To Succeed in Asia, U.S. Should Recall Its European Lessons". International Herald Tribune, 28 February 1997.

"Russia Must Realise that the 'Asian Alternative' Does not Exist.The Asia Times, 26 March 1997.

"China's Creeping Assertiveness".The Wall Street Journal, 27 March 1997.

"The Sino-Russian Detente".The Hindu, 27 March 1997.

"Why the West Should Embrace Russia-China Detente". International Herald Tribune, 8 April 1997.

"What Hong Kong's Handover Means for Taiwan".The Asia Times, 9 May 1997.

"Pacific Asia Has a Distance to go before it Leads the World". International Herald Tribune, 23 May 1997.

"The People of Hong Kong Should Focus on the Longer Term". International Herald Tribune, 4 June 1997.

"Constructive Cynicism goes a long way in Asia-Europe Relations".The Asia Times, 6 June 1997.

"Japan's have-it-both-ways defense policy too clever by half".The Asia Times, 16 June 1997.

"China and the Weapon's Revolution".The Wall Street Journal, 24 June 1997.

"Mars Mission Demonstrates who has Power on Earth". International Herald Tribune, 11 July 1997.

"Values or Swagger?". Newsweek, 21 July 1997.

"Human Wrongs". The Economist, 19-25 July 1997.

"Pacific Asians Really Aren't Working Together". International Herald Tribune, 23 July 1997.

"Only India Can Rescue Itself From Its Own Foolish Behaviour". International Herald Tribune, 29 September 1997.

"Tigers at Bay", published in Prospect in October 1997.

"Wanna Buy a Miracle". Newsweek, 20 October 1997.

"Notice How Being Firm With Beijing Helps China to Change". International Herald Tribune, 22 October 1997.

"East Asians Need Tough Love". International Herald Tribune, 17 November 1997.

"Be Nice to Uncle Sam". Newsweek, 1 December 1997. Edited and republished as "Asians Could Thank Uncle Sam". International Herald Tribune, 2 December 1997.

"The Politics of East Asia's Economic Crisis". The Wall Street Journal, 2 December 1997.

"A Dose of Political Reform". The Financial Times. 30 December 1997.



"The West Should be Alarmed and Involved". International Herald Tribune, 13 January 1998.

"Next, a Western Era with Europe Sharing the Leadership". International Herald Tribune, 27 January 1998.

"Inside the Mind of Saddam". The Evening Standard (London), 10 February 1998.

"The Morning After we Bomb Saddam". The Evening Standard (London), 12 February 1998.

"East Asia Would do well to Help America in the Gulf". International Herald Tribune, 14 February 1998.

"Can we Kill his Germs?". The Evening Standard (London), 17 February 1998.

"Six Reasons why the Gloves must Come off". The Evening Standard (London), 19 February 1998.

"The Virtual War". The Evening Standard (London), 24 February 1998.

"Not Bombs but 'Baywatch'". Newsweek, 9 March 1998

"The West may have to let Indonesia Learn by Failure". International Herald Tribune, 26 March 1998.

"Time to look West". The Financial Times. 3 April 1998.

"Asia, il colosso in crisi chiede aiuto all'Europa". La Repubblica. 3 April 1998.

"East Asians, Too, Should Note the Anglo_Irish Way to Peace". International Herald Tribune, 14 April 1998.

"Speak Plainly to the Paper Tiger". New Statesman, 17 April 1998.

"Usa, a superpotenza unica e immatura". La Repubblica. 19 April 1998.

"G-8 Losing its focus, Direction". The Straits Times, 9 May 1997

"Why even war is being privatised". The Evening Standard (London), 11 May 1998.

"But we thought India was turning into a constructive partner". International Herald Tribune, 14 May1998.

"Asian hot spots spreads its heat around the world". The Sunday Times, 17 May 1998.

"A Muddle in Birmingham". Newsweek, 18 May 1998.

"Should we give up on nuclear curbs?". The Straits Times, 25 May 1998. Also published in La repubblica (26 May), The Hindu (26 May), and The Japan Times (29 May).

"From Indonesia. a Warning to Asian Authoritarians". International Herald Tribune, 5 June1998.

"Living With Seven Nuclear Powers?". The Straits Times, 9 June 1998. Also published in The Hindu (9 June) and The South China Morning Post (9 June).

"Che cos'e in gioco nei Mondiali". La Repubblica. 9 June 1998. Also in The Straits Times as What is Really at Stake in the World Cup Finals 20 June 1998 and The South China Morning Post (21 June).

 "Overrating China is a Bad American Habit". International Herald Tribune, 22 June1998.

"Clinton in China: A Virtual Summit". The Hindu 22 June 1998.

"Its not such a big dragon after all". The Sunday Times, 28 June 1998.

"Why Europe Shuts its Eyes to the 'Blair Effect'" The Evening Standard (London), 30 June 1998.

"Navy Unveils its New-Look Super-Carriers" The Evening Standard (London), 7 July 1998.

 "What it takes to keep up with America" The Evening Standard (London), 8 July 1998.

"The Model of Modern Military Might". The Straits Times, 9 July 1998. Also  in  The South China Morning Post (12 July 1998), The Japan Times (15 July)  The Hindu (20 July 1998) and as "Chi ince la guerra nell'era del computer" in La Repubblica. 10 July 1998.

"Taiwan's Nuclear Card".The Wall Street Journal, 5 August 1998.

"Y2K Bug May Cause War". The Straits Times, 10 August 1998. Also  in The Hindu (8 August 1998) and  La Repubblica. 10 August1998.

"The Risks of Fearing North Korea's Missiles", Newsweek (Japan), 8 September, 1998.

 "Stand up to North Korea's Missile Blackmail". International Herald Tribune, 14 September 1998.

"The Risk of Fearing North Korea's Missile". The Straits Times, 15 September 1998. Also  in  The South China Morning Post (13 September 1998), The Japan Times (14 September)  The Hindu (18 September1998), and "Il missile nord-coreano e la vera farsa americana"  La Repubblica. 1 October 1998.

"The West Shrugs off the Rest". The Financial Times. 24 September 1998.

"Pyongyang's Serious Farce". Newsweek, 28 September 1998.

"Economic Crisis in China as the Reform Effort Stalls". International Herald Tribune, 28 September 1998.

"China's Russian Fate?"  The Japan Times 7 October 1998. Also in The Hindu (10 October 1998), and "Somiglia alla Russia la Cina senza leadership"  La Repubblica. 14 October 1998.

"The Chinese Illusion". The Independent, 9 October 1998.

"East Asian Recovery Requires Political Reforms". International Herald Tribune, 20 October 1998.

"John Glenn is on a Mission for us All"  The Japan Times 28 October 1998. Also in The Hindu (29 October 1998), The South China Morning Post (23 October 1998), The Straits Times, 25 October 1998.

"Japan, not China, is America's chief partner in Northeast Asia". International Herald Tribune, 20 November 1998.

"Its the Fault of the West". Newsweek, 23 November 1998.

"Sovereignty and Power"  The South China Morning Post (24 November 1998), Also in The Hindu (7 December 1998), The Straits Times, 25 November 1998. The Japan Times 25 November 1998 and as "Le tre dimensioni del potere occidentale" in La Repubblica. 2 December 1998.

"Tis Still the Season to be Jolly" . The Straits Times, 19 December 1998. Also in The South China Morning Post (20 December 1998), The Japan Times (19 December) 1998 andThe Hindu (22 December 1998) and as "Fedi, ideologie, felicita saldi di fine millennio" in La Repubblica. 22 December 1998.

"East Asia cares about the Gulf". International Herald Tribune, 22 December 1998.

 "Why the West is facing Gulf War II". The Evening Standard (London), 21 December 1998.



"Problems of Euro Power" . The South China Morning Post (8 January 1999),The Straits Times, 9 January 1999, The Japan Times 13 January 1999.

"Take off the Rose-Colored Glasses: It's the Same China". International Herald Tribune, 9 January 1999.

"Japan's Other Crisis", Newsweek (Japan), 26 January 1999.

"Yes, US Missile Defence for Asia". International Herald Tribune, 3 February1999.

"Strong Foundations, not Leaders"  in The South China Morning Post (12 February 199), The Japan Times (13 February 1999), Hindu (17 February 1999) and in La Repubblica. 17 February 1999.

"For the Sake of Free Trade, Asia and Europe Need to be Strong". International Herald Tribune, 27 February1999.

"Unloved Leader of the Pack"  in The Straits Times, 12 March 1999, The Japan Times (15 March 1999), Hindu (16 March 1999), La Repubblica, as "L'odio-amore per l'America" (18 March 1999) and The South China Morning Post (23 March1999).

"As the missiles land, the credibility of Nato is at stake". The Independent, 26 March1999.

"NATO Needs Tony Blair's Leadership to Defeat Milosevic". The Independent, 9 April 1999.

"The Real Stakes in Kosovo"  in The Straits Times, 10 April1999, The Japan Times (12 April 1999), Hindu (13 April1999), La Repubblica, as "Dopo la Guerra Fredda" (16 April 1999).

"The Dangers of NATO's Summit". The Evening Standard (London), 22 April 1999

"War in the Balkans--How Troops Can Win Armed Peace". The Independent, 23 April 1999.

"Of Nukes and Nonesense". Newsweek, 11 May 1999.

"Europe's Global Slide"  in The South China Morning Post 11 May1999 and The Straits Times, 12 May 1999.

"The Balkan War has exposed the weakness of China". International Herald Tribune, 26 May1999.

"Europe Needs US Might to Beat the Serbs". The Evening Standard (London), 3 June 1999.

"Democacies Can and Do Win Wars"  in The Straits Times, 11 June1999, Hindu (12 June1999) and The South China Morning Post (12 June1999).

"Catching the War Criminals Will be a Long Game". The Evening Standard (London), 15 June 1999.

"India and Pakistan Won't Go to War". International Herald Tribune, 19 June1999.

"The Illusion of Chinese Power Haunts Europe". The Wall Street Journal, 29 June1999.

"Keeping Calm About Kashmir". Newsweek, 6 July 1999.

"The Politics of Food"  in The Straits Times, 8 July1999, and The South China Morning Post (8 July1999) and as Quante Imprecisioni sul cibo Transgenico" in La Repubblica, (10 July1999).

"The Logic of Taiwan Points Towards Independence". International Herald Tribune, 20 July1999.

"Forgo Blood Politics or get left Behind"  in The Straits Times, 17 August, The Japan Times (19 August1999), and The South China Morning Post (24 August 1999) and as L'Europa non ha riposte alle "guerre di sangue" in La Repubblica, (20 August1999).

"China's Options Against Taiwan are Limited". The Wall Street Journal, 18 August 1999.

"War prospects in Asia are both Remote and Real". International Herald Tribune, 24 August 1999.

"At the Asian Summit, Expect More Symbols than Substance". International Herald Tribune, 9 September1999.

"Concern for East Asians Ought to Begin at Home". International Herald Tribune, 14 September1999.

"The Myth of Chinese Power". Newsweek, 20 September1999.


A selection of quotes from the press:

The fight over China's future--(The Economist, 11 January 1997)

On Asian economic growth --(The Sunday Times, 12 January 1997)

A Quest for Dignity--(The Washington Post, 3 February 1997)

America and China edge closer to a Cold War in the East--(The Daily Telegraph, 11 February 1997)

After the Patriarch--(The Far Eastern Economic Review, 6 March 1997)

British Leave Hong Kong in Sour Kind of Grandeur--(The New York Times, 27 March 1997)

Is Democracy Enough--(The Financial Times, 31 December 1997)

Tigers' Critics Foresaw Crisis--(The Independent on Sunday, 11 January 1998)

Asia on the run from a ghost called Keynes --(The Sunday Times, 18 January 1998)

Do Look Now--(The Economist, 14 February 1998)

"Europe and Asia: Take Two". The Wall Street Journal, 3 April 1998

Britain's New Military Look--(The New York Times, 9 July 1998)

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