Lisa Vargo as Ms. Frankenstein

    Here is Dr. Lisa Vargo, Ph.D., of the University of Saskatchewan Department of English enjoying a drink at one of the dignified cultural extravaganzas hosted by Dr. Robert L. Calder, who was at the time wearing a tiger suit (Hobbes minus Calvin), which we suppose is appropriate in all the various connotations the wearer might have intended.

Another eminent Eighteenth-century scholar present at this fest of decorum was Dr. R.A. Stephanson, who wore a dashing set of bovine pelvic bones on his head. (In that Dr. Stephanson's gaze is presently focused upon cultural studies of the body, such a getup is as appropriate as Dr. Vargo's Gothic coming out.)

The delectable bare back you see here is that of the usually dapper Head of the Department of English. (There is absolutely nothing appropriate about this costume.)

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