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Check out this cool optical illusion.

Here's a treat. Kevin teaching Intro to MS-DOS for Hard Disks in 1990

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- Mexico 2007 Blog
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- Bad Hair Day
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Welcome to my little corner of the web. I have a lot of interesting things here for you to explore. Everything from projects I've worked on, to "Kevin's Brain". I hope you enjoy your stay and will come back often.

- Kevin Lowey

Kevin Lowey
Information Technology Services Division,
University of Saskatchewan

Phone: (306) 966-4826

Kevin's Blog

Keep up with Kevin's latest news.

My favorite movie review.

Can you guess what movie this is?
A young woman is whisked away to a far-off land, where she kills the first person she meets, then teams up with three misfits to kill again.

(See the answer)

VOTE for the Best Anagram of my name!

Check out the Anagrams of "Kevin Vernon Lowey". Pick the one you think is best, then send me e-mail. The winning entry will be displayed prominently on my page!

So far some suggestions are:

  • "Known Very Evil One" (from Ian Macphedran)
  • Kevin Owly? No, Never! (Naturally that's cuz you're such a nice guy - from Laurel)
  • Revoke Evil Nowynn! (cuz it makes you sound like you fight evil wizards, Nowynn being the renowned evil-doer kinda wiz that he is. - from Laurel)
  • "Enliven Envoy Work" (I like to enliven everyone's work)
  • "Revive New Nylon, OK? (Perhaps something to wear tonight?)
  • "Woven Ivory Kennel (for a place to sleep at night)
  • "Evolve: New York Inn (Maybe I should become an innkeeper)
  • "Vinyl veneer ok now. (Fits the 70s look in my house)
  • "Involve new yonker. (Submitted by Charles Coe)

What was the mystery movie?

"The Wizard of Oz" of course!