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Kevin's grimalkin, Boots the Cat

Goodbye to Boots

Boots passed away at 6:20am November 26, 2005.

She had been diagnosed with kidney disease and cancer about two months before that. On Nov. 26, her struggle came to an end.

I'll miss her.

About Me

Hi, I'm Boots. I'm a pure bred Himalayan, born in 1990. You can pet me if you like, just click on my picture.

I'll let my favorite ailurophile, Kevin Lowey, tell you more about me.

I got her in 1994. I have a friend who's a vet. The previous owners brought Boots in after she had been in labour with her first litter of kittens for over 24 hours. Needless to say, the kittens were all dead, and Boots had to be fixed because of the damage. The owners then didn't want her any more so Lianne (the vet) took her home.

I was over at Steve and Lianne's one night, and saw this cat chasing a Rotweiler around the house. This was a friend's dog. Steve and Lianne have four dogs (an adult Husky, a Husky pup, a Black longhair German Shepherd, and a Husky/Wolf cross). I was a bit worried about Boots' future.

So Steve and Lianne talked me into taking Boots home, and things have been purring along ever since.

Boots' Music

My favorite album is Here Comes Santa Claws by the Jingle Cats. You can listen to my favorite song if you like (realplayer format). You can also listen to my least favorite song.

Boots' Pictures

If you have one of those funky red/blue 3D glasses, you can see a 3d picture of me. (Without the glasses it looks like I have a really bad punk hair dye job!)

For more pictures, check out the Boots Photo Gallery. Be warned that these are three fairly large JPG images of about 100K each.

Boots' Friends

Here's some of my web friends:

Favourite Web Sites:

Here's a picture of Boots' 15 minutes of fame. Boots hanging out with Freddie Mercury!

Boots and Freddie 

(Actually, that isn't boots, it's Tiffany, one of Freddie Mercury's cats. But she looks an awful lot like Boots. Maybe she was reincarnated ...)

Boots the Cat
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