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My web site would not be possible without the excellent information provided by others on the Internet. Below is a bibliography of all the web sites I refer to from my web pages. Thanks to all these people for making this excellent information available on the web. I encourage you to visit their sites for more detailed information.

1) Hudson Motor Car Company
This MSN Community operated by Alex Burr ( is devoted to Hudson (and to a lesser extent Essex) automobiles.

2) Hudson General Specifications
This MSN Community operated by Alex Burr ( lists general information and specifications for Hudson built cars from 1909 thru 1954.

3) Hudson Technical Information
This MSN Community operated by Alex Burr ( lists service bulletins and other technical information for Hudson and Essex cars.

4) Oldtimer Picture Gallery
An antique auto picture gallery from Russia operated by Andrei Bogomolov. It includes a section for Essex cars. It's the source of the pictures of the blue 1931 Essex Coupe which I used as the "after" picture in the logo for my site's logo in the top-left corner of the page.

5) Saskatchewan Western Development Museum
The Saskatoon location of the Western Development Museum has a c1929 Essex Hearse on display, along with several other vintage cars. Normally people are not allowed to publish pictures of WDM exhibits on web sites. I'd like to thank the WDM for giving me permission to publish pictures of their Essex on my site.

6) eBay Motors
I link to this in my "Research" page to search for sales information specific to Essex automobiles.

7) Canadian License Plates
The source for information about Saskatchewan license plates on my "miscellaneous" page.

8) Saskatchewan Queen's Printers Freelaw
Source for vehicle regulations and other Saskatchewan laws in my Legal Issues page.

9) Alex Burr
Alex Burr ( provided many MS-Word documents which, with permission, I converted to HTML and put in the library. Many thanks to Alex.

10) The Guild of Automotive Restorers
Source of several restoration articles in my Restoration tips section.

11) Americana Motors
Was the source of a 1930 Essex Coupe print ad reproduction in my About Essex page but this site no longer exists.

12) Autolinkage
Source of the list of Saskatchewan Car Clubs on my Clubs page.

13) Hemmings Motor News
An on-line resource site for the Collector-Car enthusiast. I use it in my Research page to list an article and "what it's worth" values for a 29 Essex Rumbleseat Coupe.

14) Essex Canada Aces (All Canadian Essex System)
A site operated by Gary Lynch dedicated to Essex automobiles in Canada. Available in both English and French.

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