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Auto Clubs

The following are auto clubs. Some are auto clubs in my local area. Others are specific to Hudson / Essex automobiles that I found on the Internet.

Essex / Hudson Specific Clubs

Yahoo Autos group specific to all Essex automobiles, 1919-1932.

Hudson Essex Terraplane Club
An organization dedicdated to preserving the products of the Hudson Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan.

Hudson MotorCar Company
An MSN group dedicated to Hudson Motorcars. Lots of pictures, some information about Hudson serial numbers, etc.

Hudson General Specifications
MSN Online group dedicated to specification and technical information about Hudson/Essex automobiles.

Hudson Technical Information
Another MSN Online Group dedicated to Hudson / Essex technical information coming from technical bulletins.

Car Clubs in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Car Clubs (12)
A list of car clubs in Saskatchewan maintained by

Draggin's Rod and Custom Car Club
A car club in Saskatoon Saskatchewan that specializes in hotrods and custom cars, but also has members who do original restorations too.

Saskatoon Antique Auto Club
Contact information for the Saskatoon Antique Auto Club.

Saskatchewan British Car Club
A club for enthusiasts of British cars, located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Saskatoon Mustang Classic Ford Club
Promote the enjoyment of the Ford Mustang and Classic Ford automobiles. Located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Saskatchewan Ford Mercury Club
Dedidcated to Ford and Mercury automobiles in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Retractable Group (Ford Skyliner)
Dedidcated to the retractable hardtop Ford Skyliner automobile.

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