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The 1929 Essex Coupe
Restoration Project

Known Damage

In this section I list all the known damage that needs to be fixed on the Essex as well as a log of when this damage was repaired.

Body and Glass Work

  • There is a 6" scrape just in front of the left rear fender. (See photo).
  • There are numerous other dents, mainly on the fenders. The worst is a long dent on the right front fender (See Photo).
  • The front fenders need some straightening and smoothing. It looks like maybe the car once ran into something hard with the front bumper, as there are some welds on the bumper and the front of the fenders have been dented and then straightened, but not smoothed.
  • The front right bracket for the front bumper must be re-welded.
  • Surface rust and old paint must be removed and replaced with a new paint job.
  • The ring around the lens for the left side park light is cracked, and must be fixed or replaced.
  • Most Chrome pieces must be re-chromed. Especially the bumpers and the radiator housing.
  • I need a new wiper blade on the driver-side windshield wiper.
  • The windshield needs the rubber weatherstriping around it replaced because the rubber has become brittle.

Roof and Interior

  • The wooden frame for the roof must be replaced.
  • A new roof must be created.
  • Some of the "black cardboard" panels used to attach the upholstery to have warped or torn, and will have to be replaced.
  • The existing upholstery will have to be replaced, but can be used as a pattern for the new upholstery.
  • Springs on the seats may need some minor work to remove surface rust, although they aren't bad and would work as is.
  • The leather on the rumble seat will need some minor repairs.
  • Interior sun visors (if there were any) will have to be replaced.
  • The steering wheel is cracked and will have to be repaired.
  • The oil gauge is not original. I'll have to find the original oil gauge, and will also have to find needles for the fuel gauge.
  • The metal parts of the interior will have to be re-painted.
  • I need to replace the passenger side window handle, as the one that's there is not original.
  • I need the rubber part of the accelerator pedal.
  • I need the knob for the gearshift lever.
  • I need a new choke handle, and cable.

Engine and Chassis

  • All have to be cleaned.
  • The engine had a knock in it when it was originally parked. Probably needs to be rebabbited and rebuilt.
  • The Stewart Vacuum chamber has been replaced with an electric fuel pump. While this improves the car's performance and was a common modification, I may want to get an original vacuum pump installed.
  • The leaf springs will have to be reconditioned or replaced. Over time they have become "flat".
  • The spare tire holder is missing one of the brackets.
  • I need a spare tire and split rim for it.
  • The original tires have cracks in the sidewall from going flat for many years. I'll probably require replacement tires.
  • It looks like someone tried using the wrong wrench to remove the screw-on hubcaps. This will have to be repaired and re-chromed.
  • I need the wrench for operating the jack.

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