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This section outlines the history of my car, or at least as much as I can find out about it.

The serial number on the plate on the firewall indicates it was built in June or July 1929 in the USA.

At some point the car's Stewart Vacuum chamber was replaced with an electric fuel pump. You can see it in the upper left in this picture.

The car has license plates on the running boards from 1948. I think they were put there because the running board rubber matt had worn off. This means the car probably was in use on or after 1948. After that The car was stored outside on a farm until the early 1960's (1963 or 1964). My Dad then heard about this, and bought it off the owner for $20.

Dad went to get the car. He had to cut down a 4" wide poplar tree that had grown between the front bumper and the radiator. He then tried starting it. The engine ran, but had a knock in it. Dad thinks the rods have to be rebabbited.

Dad took the car home and parked it in his garage. There it stayed until May 30, 2002. At that time he loaded it on a trailer and brought it to me in Saskatoon. It's now in my garage awaiting restoration.

And the story continues ...

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