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Circa 1928 Essex Hearse

The pictures below are of a circa 1928 Essex hearse located in the Saskatchewan Western Development Museum (5) in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

(Picture from the side)

In the early 1900s, the auto hearse was viewed with suspicion. It seemed to lack the dignity of a traditional horse-drawn coach.

(Picture from the front)

This hearse, probably constructed by a company specializing in funeral coaches, is mounted on a chassis built by the Hudson Motor Company in Detroit Michigan. The coach is without the elaborate decoration assocated with horse-drawn and early motorized hearses.

(Picture from the back)

The hearse's function is facilitated by wide doors and a back bumper in two sections allowing a coffin to be positioned easily. This vehicle was used in the Perdue, SK area.

(Picture of the interior)

A notice on the WDM web page says that photographs of exhibits may not be published on other Internet Websites unless permission is granted and credit is provided. I'd like to thank the WDM for granting me permission to use these pictures on my site. Others may not use these pictures without the permission of the WDM.

(Picture of display sign)

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