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Parts I Need

I'm interested in any parts people may have which are in better condition than the parts already on my car. Often it is easier to buy new parts than to try and fix older parts.

The following is a partial list of parts I need. I'm still inventorying the car, so I'll be adding to this list as I find new items I need. All part numbers come from the 1929 Essex Parts List dated January 1929 for cars numbered 928658 and upward.

  • Window cranks. I need a crank that matches the designs in this photo.

  • Passenger Exterior Door Handle. I need a locking passenger handle. Looks like almost all the hardware on the passenger door has been changed at one time, don't know why.

  • Spare Tire and Rim Assembly (CW 63603). I need a spare tire for a 29 Essex. The rims have a diameter of 20", width of 4", split rim built by Jaxon. You can see the complete wheel in this picture. I only need the tire and rim, but am willing to purchase another wooden wheel as well.

  • Hubcaps (BZ 63584). These are the hexoganal hubcaps used on Essex automobiles. I've seen the ones that have "Essex Motors Detroit" written on them, but my hubcaps are fancier with no writing on them. You can see them on the wheel picture above. The hubcaps I have work, but are dented. I'm going to try straightening out and re-chroming them but it might be cheaper to just get new hubcaps that are already in good condition.

  • Tool kit assembly for wood wheels (BZ 64159)
    • Wheel Puller (GZ 11074)
    • Wheel Puller Screw (GZ 26557)
    • Jack (BZ 29178) I have the original but it is broken
    • Jack Handle Extension (BZ 29179)
    • Oil Can (BZ 63425)
    • Spark plug and main bearing nut wrench (BM 22594)
    • Eccentric adjusting wrench (BZ 60625)
    • Hub cap wrench (GZ 31149 - I have this now)
    • Valve Tappet and oil pump wrench (BZ 31356)

  • Knob for the gearshift. (BS 29170)

  • Various gauges. I need the oil pressure gauge for sure. I think I also need a fuel gauge (the needle doesn't appear to be on mine). You can see the instrument panel in this picture.

  • Choke Wire and Tube Assembly (BZ 81823)

  • Wooden and canvas parts for the roof, or at least plans on how to fabricate new parts.

  • Wiper Blade for the windshield wiper.

  • Side lamp retaining ring

  • Stop and Tail Lamp assembly (BZ 31250)

  • Steering wheel (CZ 63634). Mine is cracked in many places. It probably could be repaired, but it's easier to get a new one that's in good condition.

  • Tire Carrier Arm (BZ 82022) and arm nut (BZ 78916). This has a triangular shaped head on one end that attaches to the rear of the car. The other end attaches to the spare tire holder. See this photo of the spare tire carrier and this closeup of the missing piece.

  • Rubber mats and felt pad assembly (CO 80210) as well as the dash pad (BO 81847)

  • Oil Level Gauge (dipstick) (BM 62359)

  • Sewart Warner Vacuum Tank

  • Battery (6 volt, 13 plate)

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